Bangor Bay Sea Kayak Race – Saturday 25th May 2019

General Safety Rules

All participants must be able to swim 50m and paddle a distance of 5k (short course), 10k (long course) or be certified by your club committee / coach as competent to participate.

Certification of guardian or club coach is required in respect of paddlers under 16.

Buoyancy aids and suitable clothing must be worn by all participants (see below).

Boats must pass boat control where seaworthiness and safety equipment will be checked.

Neither organisers nor Belfast Kayak Club accept responsibility for any damage or loss.

Race organisers’ decisions with regard to entry acceptance are final.

Paddler Safety

All paddlers must wear appropriate buoyancy aid (50kn flotation).

Paddlers are advised to dress according to weather conditions on the day.

Paddlers should have access to spare dry warm clothing in the event of a capsize or once off the water.

All paddlers will be requested to carry a whistle, for signalling attention.

Paddlers are advised to bring mobile phone in an accessible waterproof case or a portable VHF radio.

All paddlers must attend safety briefing before race.

Paddlers are expected to offer assistance to fellow paddlers if observing them in potentially serious trouble. Failure to assist will lead to disqualification.

Any paddler withdrawing from the race is duty bound to inform the race organizers/ rescue craft of their intentions, and to return immediately to the race egress point to confirm they are off the water safely.

Craft Safety

All boats must pass through boat control (at Ballyholme Yacht Club/Ballyholme Beach) prior to race. They will be examined and assessed for suitability. Craft not meeting the criteria outlined below will be rejected until problems are addressed. Craft that are passed as fit to race will be marked with an identifying sticker and allowed to pass through to the pre-launch holding area. Boats not fit for race at boat control shall be disallowed from race participation.

Craft must meet the following safety requirements: Be of sound nature, & durable enough for the course and the conditions, and contain sufficient flotation/ buoyancy to keep craft afloat in the event of capsize.

Inflatable recreational kayaks will not be permitted.

Deck lines, grab loops, toggles are recommended.

Donations to RNLI

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Organised by
Belfast Kayak Club
Supported by
Ballyholme Yacht Club
Fundraising for
RNLI Lifeboats