Bangor Bay Sea Kayak Race

Saturday 27th May 2017

Ballyholme Yacht Club

A fun event raising funds for RNLI Lifeboats.

Thank you to everyone that took part, volunteered and provided prizes in 2016. It was a great day. We raised £1200 for RNLI. You can see all the times and results by scrolling down this page. 2015 results can be found here. The race date has been confirmed for 2017 and you can register online now.

Thank you to Neil Thompson for taking some great photos. You can see Neil’s photos for 2016 via the link below:


If you want to check out photos from 2015, we have two sets from Brendan Mariani and Claire Hughes below:



Now in its fifth year, the Bangor Bay Sea Kayak Race is a great day out for all the family. We have a competitive race for experienced paddlers, a shorter course for those that want to take it easier and plenty of fun for spectators and kids.

Have a look at the information below and sign up by clicking the booking link. Enter online and you get first choice of t-shirt size.



Classes & Prizes

The race takes place on the coastline between Bangor and Groomsport, starting and finishing at Ballyholme Yacht Club. Boats are classed according to their overall hull length so large or small, there is a chance of winning. Prizes are awarded for juniors and adults. We also have a class for Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Supporting the RNLI

The Bangor Bay Sea Kayak Race raises funds for the RNLI and we encouraged paddlers to donate to the charity either on the day, through the donation facility on the booking form or via the raffle.


All you need to do is look at the rules and then click the link to book your place. The entry fee is only £20 per kayak and includes a T-Shirt and food after the race.


12.30 Registration
13.30 Race Briefing (in gear)
13.45 Craft Scrutiny
14.15 Race Start
15.30 Food
16.30 Prize-Giving


The event starts and finishes at Ballyholme Yacht Club (BYC). Toilets are available at BYC and also on the green at the assembly area.

Showers will be available at BYC after the event. There is off-street parking along Seacliff Road and a public car park to the north of BYC.

Entrants should drop their boats at BYC and park elsewhere to keep the road clear.

The address for Ballyholme Yacht Club is Seacliff Road, Bangor, Co Down BT20 5HT.




The race will take place over 2 circular courses between Bangor Bay and Groomsport, starting and finishing at Ballyholme Yacht Club.

The Short Course (5km) will be laid out in an area between Ballyholme Bay and Bangor Harbour.

The Long Course (10km) will be a circular course starting at Ballyholme Yacht Club, running north and west to Bangor Harbour, turning east to Groomsport before returning to the finish at Ballyholme Yacht Club.

The course may change depending on conditions. A course map will be sent to entrants.


Entrants will be grouped into the following classes:

Short Course – 5km

General Purpose/ Sit-on-top under 14ft
Single Sea Kayak 14ft to 18ft
Double Sea Kayak/Sit-on-top
Stand Up Paddle board

Long Course – 10km

Single Sea Kayak 14ft to 18ft
Racing Sea Kayak (Epic, Taran, etc)
Double Sea Kayak/Sit-on-top
Stand Up Paddle board


Prizes will be awarded in the following categories (depending on entrants): Under 16s, Adult Male, Adult Female, Double (Male), Double (Mixed/Female).

A special James Steen Memorial Prize will also be awarded for the best overall result.


We have a special prize ballot to be drawn after the race with every pound donated going to the RNLI. You can download the ballot form here.

Thank you to all who donated prizes.


General Safety Rules

All participants must be able to swim 50m and paddle a distance of 5k (short course), 10k (long course) or be certified by your club committee / coach as competent to participate.

Certification of guardian or club coach is required in respect of paddlers under 16.

Buoyancy aids and suitable clothing must be worn by all participants (see below).

Boats must pass boat control where seaworthiness and safety equipment will be checked.

Neither organisers nor Belfast Kayak Club accept responsibility for any damage or loss.

Race organisers’ decisions with regard to entry acceptance are final.

Paddler Safety

All paddlers must wear appropriate buoyancy aid (50kn flotation).

Paddlers are advised to dress according to weather conditions on the day.

Paddlers should have access to spare dry warm clothing in the event of a capsize or once off the water.

All paddlers will be requested to carry a whistle, for signalling attention.

Paddlers are advised to bring mobile phone in an accessible waterproof case or a portable VHF radio.

All paddlers must attend safety briefing before race.

Paddlers are expected to offer assistance to fellow paddlers if observing them in potentially serious trouble. Failure to assist will lead to disqualification.

Any paddler withdrawing from the race is duty bound to inform the race organizers/ rescue craft of their intentions, and to return immediately to the race egress point to confirm they are off the water safely.

Craft Safety

All boats must pass through boat control (at Ballyholme Yacht Club/Ballyholme Beach) prior to race. They will be examined and assessed for suitability. Craft not meeting the criteria outlined below will be rejected until problems are addressed. Craft that are passed as fit to race will be marked with an identifying sticker and allowed to pass through to the pre-launch holding area. Boats not fit for race at boat control shall be disallowed from race participation.

Craft must meet the following safety requirements: Be of sound nature, & durable enough for the course and the conditions, and contain sufficient flotation/ buoyancy to keep craft afloat in the event of capsize.

Inflatable recreational kayaks will not be permitted.

Deck lines, grab loops, toggles are recommended.


The entry fee for the race is £20 per kayak/board.
This includes a commemorative t-shirt and food after the race. Enter online and you get first choice of t-shirt size.


You can pay your entry fee by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. An optional donation to the RNLI can also be made.


Under 16

Short Course – General Purpose
1st – Chloe Lemon

Short Course – Sea Kayak
1st – Reuben McCrea

Short Course

General Purpose – Male
1st – Martin Kerr
2nd – David Grant
3rd – Andrew James

General Purpose – Female
1st – Chloe Lemon
2nd – Kate Kingan
3rd – Louise Best

Sea Kayak – Male
1st – Nick West
2nd – Reuben McCrea
3rd – Stephen McCormick

Sea Kayak – Female
1st – Helen Holland
2nd – Monica Liddle
3rd – Jill Baker

Double – Male
1st – Rory & Tommy Wilson

SUP – Male
1st – Diego Cobice
2nd – John Hanlon

SUP – Female
1st – Emily Waters

Long Course

Sea Kayak – Male
1st – Paul Holland
2nd – Michael Liddle
3rd – John Ruston

Sea Kayak – Female
1st – Eva Kennedy
2nd – Diane Miller

Racing Class – Male
1st – Greg Miller
2nd – Duncan Livingston
3rd – Peter McClenaghan

Double – Male
1st – Dave Thom & Peter Mant
2nd – Harold Lloyd & Davy Kerr
3rd – Jarleth Collerin & Richard Mulligan

Double – Female/Mixed
1st – Will Brown & Jessie Brown
2nd – David Wilson & Julie Wilson

SUP – Male
1st – Owen Waters
2nd – Jamie McCoubrey

2016 TIMES

Number Name Time H.M.S
5 S Nick West 00.34.34
14 S Reuben McCrea 00.37.30
11 S Martin Kerr 00.38.42
16 S Stephen McCormick 00.42.30
17 S Helen Holland 00.43.20
3 S David Grant 00.44.10
18 S Monica Liddle 00.44.20
21 S David Steele 00.44.58
2 S Jill Baker 00.45.50
22 S Andrew James 00.46.05
15 S Debbie Grey 00.46.20
9 S Heather Wilson 00.46.25
8 S Phil Wilkinson 00.47.22
7 S Rory Wilson & Tommy Wilson 00.50.30
10 S Diego Cobice 00.50.42
1 S Kevin Houston 00.51.15
59 Greg Miller 00.52.09
60 David Thom & Peter Mant 00.52.37
6 S Chloe Lemon 00.53.40
67 Will Brown & Jessie Brown 00.54.45
52 David Kerr & Harold Lloyd 00.56.02
19 S Kate Kingan 00.56.50
62 Duncan Livingston 01.01.20
20 S John Hanlon 01.02.20
58 Paul Holland 01.03.05
61 Peter McClenaghan 01.03.20
56 David Wilson & Julie Wilson 01.04.05
57 Michael Liddle 01.04.10
50 John Rushton 01.04.40
51 Eva Kennedy 01.05.10
13 S Emilie Waters 01.06.50
63 Chris Livingston 01.06.55
54 Jarleth Collerin & Richard Mulligan 01.09.30
55 Diane Miller 01.12.00
65 Stephen Forde 01.12.08
66 Terry McQueen 01.12.20
4 S Louise Best 01.14.20
12 Owen Waters 01.25.35
64 Jamie McCoubrey 01.28.50
53 John Curley & Michael Deery Retired


Numbers with “S” indicate Short Course competitors.


Organised by

Belfast Kayak Club


Supported by

Ballyholme Yacht Club


Fundraising in aid of